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Dane Conklin
My name is Dane Conklin, I am 29 years old, born and raised in Walla Walla, WA. My story begins 5 years ago fishing out of a 10-foot Sit-inside Sun Dolphin at a local reservoir. Bennington Lake is ground zero for the angler I am today. What I wish I knew then was that what was happening there was just the beginning.
Over the years, as my passion for the sport grew, so did my desire to compete. 2020 was my first year competing in the WKBF/KFNW. After I took my first win at Newman Lake, I wanted to take my fishing career to the next level. In 2021 I will be competing in the Yak-Bassin Pacific Northwest, Yak B.A.S.S. Nation Pacific Northwest and the WKBF.
Jim Cross (Team Manager)
I started fishing back when I was probably 5yrs old. I was born in the south so I was raised fishing a lot of rivers, sloughs, and lakes out of a boat was everyday life. I competed in a number of small bass tournaments out of a boat but back then never even though about kayak fishing.. I had a friend introduce me to kayak fishing on a little Lifetime kayak. I used it to fish out of once in a great while. At that time I never even thought about being in a kayak tournament much less that they actually existed. So after retiring we moved to the Newman Lake Washington so we could enjoy the great outdoors and fisheries the area had to offer. I didn't purchase my first fishing Kayak until 2017. After that there was no looking back, while I've gone through a number of different name brand kayaks I found that the NuCanoe Frontier12 fit all my angler needs. 
17 top 10 finishes (live & online)
Colt Lundberg (Team Captain)
Colt J. Lundberg
Im 29,Born in the small town of Touchet Wa, Where my passion for fishing began. I caught my first smallmouth when I was just learning to walk, with a scooby doo zebco that my dad had bought me. Growing as the youngest of 4 brothers, I developed a very competitive personality young, and with fishing being one of my favorite past times, it was easy for me to get myself to start competing. 
I started as a co angler in Texas, and eventually moved into kayak fishing which led me into fishing out of the Native Titan 10.5. Over the last year I started to develop professional connections with Epoch eyewear, and Pline, Who have really helped me become a better competitive angler. With the team and support I have surrounding me, I have high hopes for the upcoming 2021 season.
Ivan Cruz 
I was born and raised in Truckee, CA, where I grew up fishing at a very young age. My grandparents raised me to be the man I am today. I have always had a very competitive nature and have competed in all type of sports. I graduated culinary school top of my class. Throughout my life, I have been able to cook for various influential people including president Bill Clinton. Over the past 7 years I have fished competitively and have consistently placed in the top 10. I could not have pursued my dreams without the love and support of my wife and family. Fishing is the purest thing in the world where one can find themselves. “ Stay Hungry but Humble.”
Jr Rowlands
Currently Winlock, WA
Born in Berwick, PA
Grew up on Ft. Campbell, Ky where my passion for hunting and fishing began. Many of weekends spent fishing for largemouth and smallmouth on Kentucky Lake with my dad and brother. Eventually moved up to Washington for work and after a few years I began searching for bass fishing opportunities here. Initially competing on an Ultraskiff with Lakewood Master Bassers, the competitive bug began. From there, I eventually transitioned to a jon boat and eventually my Nucanoe Pursuit. It has provided me with a platform to do anything and everything. Over the last two years I have begun competing in online challenges and local trails. Working with different teams, I have partnered with Nucanoe, Motorguide, FX Custom Rods, Amphibia Eyegear and Bending Branches. These companies have provided me with the tools to take me to the next level. For 2021, I have set my sights on being more competitive on the trails and collect my first win. With the team I have around me, this year should be like no other!
Jordan Dugger
Born: June 17, 1993
Hometown: Quincy, WA

Bio: I was raised in small town Kettle Falls in North East Washington, minutes away from the Columbia River. Walleye and trout were main species we fished for except for the few trips we took each year to one of the local lakes that held bass. This lake is where my passion for bass fishing started. My brother and I would take our aluminum boat out before sunrise and would not return until we were getting yelled at to come back for dinner at dark. My trips out fishing got fewer and far between as high school sports and college kept me busy. It was on one of my trips to visit my parents in Wenatchee, WA that I was introduced to fishing from a kayak. That day rekindled my passion for fishing. In the spring of 2018, I purchased my first Kayak and participated my first Kayak Bass Fishing tournament. Since then, I have fished as many tournaments as possible.

Major accomplishments:
2020 Yak-Bassin Circuit PNW Championship – 2nd Place
2020 KFNW Kayak Bass Classic – 5th place
KBF Challenge Series Washington AOY – 2019 & 2020

Kayak Tournament Career Statistics:
1st Place Finishes = 6
2nd Place Finishes = 11
3rd Place Finishes = 9
Top 10 Finishes = 50

Josh Dugger 

Renton, WA

Born in the small town of Kettle Falls, WA, Josh grew up hunting and fishing every year. Mostly focusing on walleye out of Lake Roosevelt, but learned to bass fish on a small northern lake. Eventually Josh's love for bass fishing took him back to Lake Roosevelt to chase smallmouth. Josh fished out of a small 12’ aluminum boat, and an inflatable pontoon boat. After taking about 5 years off fishing, his brother Jordan introduced Josh to the kayak fishing world. Since then they have competed together, and against one another, and built their DuggerFishing brand.

Coey Coulson

I'm a 47 year old disabled combat veteran who, after 20 years of service, now finds peace in the outdoors. Growing up in Middle Tennessee on a farm I dabbled in a little bit of everything; hunting, fishing, 4x4ing, camping, and working for free for my family's dairy business.

My goal in posting to Instagram and YouTube is to help others - especially vets - who want to get into outdoor hobbies but don't have a dad like mine to teach them from childhood how to work hard, respect nature, and find mental clarity in the outdoors.
I have competed in 32 kayak tournaments with 3 wins including the Yak-Bassin Online Championship, 2 runner ups and 4 3rd place finishes. Out of the 32 tournaments I have been blessed enough to finish in the top 10 26 times and qualified for the KBF Championship in 2019.

I’m looking forward to the 2021 season and can’t wait to see what PNW NuCanoe Travel Team has in store while fishing the PNW Yak-Bassin and the PNW B.A.S.S Nation events.