Pacific Northwest Kayaks was started due to the love we have for the great outdoors, kayak fishing was growing in the PNW however there was a need to be able to get quality kayaks in this area.

We began talking to more anglers since Jim is an avid kayak angler himself about what they saw was needed, living on Newman Lake we made some connections with some vendor only to realize they were very welcoming to the idea of having someone market their products in this area. Most if not all of them being anglers themselves, which this gave us some great insight.

We started working from our home, using Facebook and word of mouth, selling to friends, acquaintances and most importantly anglers here PNW fishing world. 

Our theory is based on 100% dedicated to the kayak anglers as well as just the recreational kayaker with great customer service.

We want to get our customers the products they need to order, we focus on having product available when they are ready to set up and have some fun times on the water.

The challenging part has been getting product from manufacturers with the times we have been faced with this last year has been tough. Our vendors have done a fantastic job in doing their best to get us products on a timely manner.

Our growth in the last 6 months has lead us to be able to expand adding several new vendors to bring in more inventory.  It also lead to the friendship and partnership with Colt Lundberg.

We are proud to announce we are getting a store front location!                            We will be located in the Newman Lake, WA area just minutes from several lakes here in Eastern Washington as well as North Idaho. 

Great things are happening, stay tuned for updates as our website grows!

While our family has always been avid outdoors type my husband Jim, has always been involved in hunting and fishing.  He has done everything from writing outdoor articles to volunteering for organizations to promote the great outdoors for the young and old.  After his retirement we moved to the Pacific Northwest where we became very involved in kayak fishing helping to start a series that is for and about the anglers no matter their age and totally all inclusive.                                                                                       Karen & Jim Cross                                                          

Born in Touchet WA. Been involved in fishing since I could walk. Started out fishing as a co angler. 2018 I tried kayak fishing for the first time, and haven't left it since. I met Jim Cross at a Yak-Bassin Pacific Northwest tournament on Moses Lake, and our friend ship grew from there. Next thing we knew we were talking about  starting a kayak, kayak accessories, bait, and tackle shop. After meeting Karen Cross (Jim's wife)  I knew I couldn't ask for better partners then Karen Cross, and Jim Cross.
         Colt J. Lundberg